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About My Services

Basic hosting is comprised of 4 components

I have put together a list of premium companies that specialize in each of these services to provide the combination of the best hosting that you can get. That means your pages will load faster, you'll have less downtime, and your customers browsing your websites will be that much happier.

In addition, since I'm a reseller, I can offer you a much lower price than you can get by going directly to these premium companies. To give you an example:

My premium package that offers everything below is only $30/month. With less expensive plans at $25 and $20 depending on your needs.

  • Web Hosting ::, End User: $30/month
  • Anti-Spam Email Delivery ::, End User: $15/month
  • Offsite Website Backups :: Amazon S3, End User: $4/month
  • Total :: You would be paying $49/month, with me you'll save $30/month and your cost is only $30/month. Plus I do all of the management included.
  • Above is a list of what I specifically offer. However I can tell you one of the biggest advantages I offer over whoever you are hosting with is my cell phone number. You have a problem, I am the only person that you will ever have to talk to. You need new services, starting a new website, email problems, etc.- I, personally, am your first and last point of contact.

    What I am Not

    I am not a web developer or a SEO guru. I don't build or promote web sites, I just give them the fastest, most secure place to live.

    If you are a web developer you are probably tired of trying to manage client hosting through GoDaddy, BlueHost, HostGator, etc. You probably want to stop spending your time trying to deal with DNS, domain pointing, SSL and all of the other non-creative parts of hosting. I can take all of that off your plate.

    I work either directly with your client for billing or you can repackage it be part of your own billing. I'm happy to give you referrals of other developers that work with me that can speak to how much time and energy this will save you.

    If you are a website owner and you have had a website for any amount of time, you have probably been through 3 or 4 developers. My services are independent of your web developer. If you are completely content with your web developer, but would like to take advantage of the services lined out above, I would love to work with them to upgrade the speed and security of your site.

    If you are unhappy with your web developer; since I work with a multitude of developers I am in a unique position to recommend the right person for you to work with on your site.

    Lets Get Started

    If you would like to get started, please call anytime, 307.413.1588.
    You can also email me at